1. vantage points

Depending on the size and values your site presents, images and videos are taken from specific vantage points, linked to the corresponding GPS position. Most properties present 3-4 ideal points.

living room
living room

2. photo capture and video observations

Here your scout collects notes, panoramic and basic photographs and exploration videos launching from each selected vantage point. Captures include the approach, neighboring elements and accessible interior views of each property.

3. Site explorations

For Vantage Points that offer access to potential building sites or other areas of interest, site explorations help viewers to visualize building sites, easements and natural resources.

living room

4. property report

Along with a DropBox link to your content, you'll receive a narrative summary from each Vantage Point. This acts as a navigator, helping the viewer connect specific images and video to their corresponding Vantage Points.

5. Add-on services

For special sites, our gear list includes a fleet of drones and professional film and video equipment. For regular clients, RuralScout provides on-site representation to assist in showing property, finding assets and managing contractors.