Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I talk to my RuralScout on the phone instead of sending details via the web?

    Yes! As a matter of practice, we establish telephone contact with all clients ahead of exploring property.

  • I own a development with multiple adjacent lots. Can I receive a discount on reports?

    Yes. A single report is $299. A bundle of 4 reports is $999 ($250 each). A bundle of 10 reports is $1,999 ($200 each)

    To order a 10-report bundle, please contact us via phone at 828.989.7048.

  • Who can I talk to about opening a RuralScout™ Franchise in my area?

    We are currently onboarding new RuralScouts in many areas! Contact Ian at ian@ruralscouts.com for more info or call 828-989-7048.

  • What kind of drone flight is included?

    RuralScout standardizes on the Skydio 2 45mp intelligent flight drone system, which we use to navigate dense forest as well as windy fields. This enables us to provide maximum utility at an accessible price point. We also provide professional, cinematic drone captures in most regions at an additional cost. Please request a phone call if you are interested in cinema quality drone captures.

  • Does RuralScout™ provide reports to buyers?

    With permission from the land owner, we are happy to provide RuralScout Reports to buyers. Please call 828-989-7048. 

Or Give Us A Call At

+1 828-989-7048